Sean Cooper

Founder and CEO
Serial technology entrepreneur with a great eye in spotting emerging technologies. Sean has over 15 years of data center expertise and five years of banking security technology management. Original investor and founder of Hash The Planet in 2014. Sean has assumed the roles of: CEO at Daeta Technologies, Senior Technician at VoiceStream Wireless, and Lead Engineer at Siemens. University of Connecticut.

Daniel Conover

Founder and COO
11 years of experience in building online businesses and automation software technologies. Dan has assisted large companies such as create enterprise automation allowing business processes to scale. Original investor and founder of Hash The Planet in 2014. Dan has assumed the roles of: Operations Management at Daeta Technologies and Head of Software Operations at Washington State University.

Pablo Velasquez

Senior Developer
9 Years of experience in solving day to day business problems thought software automation. Pablo has a passion for online businesses that create new value in both the technology and financial industry. Passionate about agile methodologies and on constantly improving software. Pablo has assumed the roles of: CEO at Atlanticsoft, Inc and Lead Web Programmer at Sherjan Broadcasting. University of North Florida, Jacksonville

Brian Baterbonia

Head of Supply Chain Management
3 years of global logistics experience and supply chain management. Brian’s former connections with Costco cooperate have allowed Hash The Planet to source and scale our physical operations. Brian as assumed the roles of: Supply Chain Manager at Daeta Technologies and Logistics Coordinator at Costco. Washington State University.

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