Hello! I’m Sean Cooper,
Building and designing Bitcoin & Crypto Ventures, around the world.

Founding Partner of Forgex, an Industry Capital Company.

Structural Design

Sean has designed and built several crypto currency hashing centers in various climate conditions.

Electrical Design

Sean has engineered electrical distribution systems for medium and low voltage power to minimize cost while delivering a top quality design.

HVAC Design

Building hashing centers in various climates, Sean has been able to meet the critical needs of miners in a variety of climates.

Advanced Hashing Center Designs

I build and design customized hashing facilities based upon your region, electrical needs and timeline.

Weather your in a dry or wet climate Sean can help you design and build a facility to suite your needs.

Some Career Highlights

The Highlights

As a serial enterprenur Sean has been the founder of mutiple successful businesses.


ForgeX offers a full range of mining services from equipment sales, maintenance / repair, private blockchain servicing & hosting.

Hash the  Planet

Hash The Planet is a team of data center experts that provides software and services for Bitcoin miners to conserve power and maximize ROI. 

Daeta Devices

Daeta Devices markets iPhone replacement batteries and tool kits.

Daeta Networks

Daeta Networks was an IT managed services company serving the greater Seattle area.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others say about Sean.

Sean brings a very detailed approach to project-oriented initiatives, and is not afraid to inquire on any facet of the project no matter what magnitude. Sean’s direct communication style alleviates any type of ambiguity, and ultimately prevents any type of scope-creep relevant to pro services engagements.

Brett S.

Sean is a knowledgeable, hard-working and approachable. I found him to have a great grasp of IT issues, always available to help, and if he couldn’t give me an accurate answer or workable solution immediately, he’d research the answer on his own and get back to me promptly. It was a pleasure working with him.

Jacob K.

Sean was always willing to help and was very customer focused. He was patient with those that are technology challenged and offered helpful advice and support whenever our customers had a problem. He was able to manage several competing priorities very effectively while keeping his “customers” informed and setting real expectations.

David A.

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